About our skin specialist

About our skin specialist


Our skin specialist Michelle has been working in the beauty industry for a number of years and developed a passion for skin care. Throughout her life she has suffered from chronic skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Michelle as a skin specialist can empathise with many people, the emotional and physical effects it can bring.

After investing in many cosmetic products on the market, desperately trying to “fix” and “cover” her skin, after finding very little success in treating those conditions, she was left feeling disappointed and frustrated. Michelle always had a passion for natural ingredients and so began her research and developed in-depth knowledge of the skin and how it works.

The current aesthetic and beauty industry is flooded with filler and anti wrinkle injection treatments.As a skin care professional, Michelle wanted to introduce non-invasive, healing and effective treatments for those who are wanting to preserve and maintain their natural skin health before heading towards the injectable stage. However, such treatments are also beneficial for those clients that do have injectable treatments to maintain and prolong results.

The Electrologist & Skin only promotes natural skin care treatments that stimulate the health of the skin with very little to no downtime and minimal side effects. They are carefully selected skin specialist treatments supported by clinical studies and evidence that aim to deliver ultimate results, restoring physical and emotional well being.

Industry Expertise

Our skin specialist Michelle strongly believes and prides her services in tailoring all treatments to each individual under her care. From nail and beauty treatments to skincare, her attitude ensures each client is made to feel comfortable, special and confident. All skin treatments, solutions and products are medical grade which ensures the ingredients are at the highest quality and purest form, in order to successfully treat specific areas of concern, tailoring each treatment and ingredient to your skin.


To book a consultation and discuss any skin care requirements or concerns with our skin specialist Michelle, please call/text 07584357754 or email [email protected] or book online